Fujifilm X-Pro2 Global Launch Campaign

  • EQUIPMENT: Fujifilm X-Pro2
  • CLIENT: Fujifilm Japan

In November 2015, yours truly was selected by Fujifilm Canada as one of five X-Photographers in the country to participate in the global campaign to launch the company’s new flagship camera, the X-Pro2. The successor to the X-Pro1 — which debuted in 2012 as Fujifilm’s inaugural interchangeable lens X-Series camera — the X-Pro2 represents a significant technological step forward, more of which you can read about on my blog here. The photographs in this gallery represent a small part of a mosaic of images from 100 talented X-Photographers around the world who participated in the campaign, and whose work was displayed in an image gallery at Fujifilm’s Tokyo headquarters during the company’s 5-year anniversary celebration of the X-Series.