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A lifelong storyteller and multidisciplinary communications professional, Robert began his early career primarily as a screenwriter — developing stories, penning scripts, and pitching for television series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, its subsequent spinoffs, and other series — before later transitioning those skills to journalism and business communications.

As part of his suite of storytelling capabilities, photography similarly emerged early on, in the beginning as a passionate avocation, then shortly thereafter as a burgeoning vocation. Drawing on his strong aptitude for creative conceptualization and visualization, for the past 25 years Robert has photographed everything from shadows falling across the majestic lands of Africa, to the bustle of the urban metropolis; from a variety of portraiture and events, to vignettes of everyday life. He is known for his keen understanding of light, and his assignments have included wedding, portrait, travel, and editorial photography for personal, news, business, and humanitarian organizations.

As a member of the International Cinematographer’s Guild, IATSE 669, Robert’s primary focus these days is as a still photographer for the film and television industry. He has produced imagery for motion pictures such as The Predator, Wonder, and The Miracle Season, and for high-profile television series, including The X-Files, Lost in SpaceSupergirl, The Flash, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Supernatural, among others. His years of experience in narrative photography — coupled with his early fluency in the grammar of visual and cinematic storytelling — have, in a sense, brought him full circle, enabling him to both recognize and capture visual moments that tell an entire story within a single frame.

His clients have included CBS, Netflix, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Entertainment, The CW Network, B2ten/Active for Life, Fujifilm, the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust, Metro News, and a variety of cable, streaming, and media outlets and production companies.

Throughout his professional career he’s remained a passionate aficionado of all things photographic, from the artistic to the technical. He’s been a contributing editor for Nikon Owner Magazine for 15 years; has both conducted and co-produced photography workshops; and is a global brand ambassador for Fujifilm.

To learn more about the early genesis of his photographic pursuits, along with his thoughts on photography as art-form, check out The Camera and Eye – A Lifelong Relationship with Photography.